Fact 99: INFJs make NTs cry! Or at least acknolwedge their own souls, even if for a split second. And we consider that a huge accomplishment ;)

Fact 98: INFJs are vampire slayers.

Fact 97: When INFJ’s aren’t reading your mind we’re planning the next seven conversations we’ll have with you because seven is prime, symbolic, and mythic. Not that we’ll have any of those conversations, especially since we’ve already had them…in our heads.

A message from exclaimedkeller
I took three tests and my scores seem to be pretty close together like 10-20% for all of my traits, but my N and S are 1-4%. Do you recommend any tests that would be more accurate?

Hello, dear! 

I would recommend you look into a cognitive functions test! Let me see…I used to have several, but I’m afraid this is the only one I have now that I have changed computer:


What I’ve learned is that tests online typically will only put you in broad generalized areas, and while the cognitive functions test isn’t professional (since it’s online and all)  it can definitely smooth out where you’ve seemed to be balanced out! I typically type as an Swhen I take online tests, but my cognitive functions place me as an N, supposedly.

Good luck finding out your type! And please, if you have any more questions, stop by and ask! :3 

Fact 96: If you violate an INFJ’s space and privacy, don’t expect them to talk to you ever again because they’re probably planning the next apocalypse.

Just a notice.

The other admin has a heavy workload right now, and I’m lucky not to. As similar as we may be, we both have our differences. If you’ve sent an ask to us and not received an answer, we’re not ignoring it - it’s probably better suited to the other admin and they’ve just not had the time to get back to you! Feel free to badger us if we’re taking weeks or something, though.

A message from travelthegalaxy
Hi, there. Just found this blog and really, IT'S FANTASTIC! It's great to see something else on the INfJ tags other than how are we "different" (not that it's bad or something). Keep the facts coming! :) (PS: Especially, LOVE the Doctor Who references. LOVE!)

Thanks! It’s certainly not a bad thing at all, no. We decided the next best thing to giving you all hugs was creating a blog with the purpose to amuse. So far, so good, too - haven’t gotten anyone sending an ask going “How dare you post x” yet.

We will! Just be patient with us, we love this blog but our lives don’t. :( Thank our submitters for the Doctor Who references. We weren’t smart enough to come up with our own.

Christmas on Pluto

Just a little something I found on the net for our followers, and other fellow INFJs. We’re all from Pluto, afterall.


Fact 95: All INFJs have been, will be or are currently companions of the Doctor. No exceptions.

quattykitty replied to your post: I’m an INFJ/INFP split, my J and P are nearly…

me too. don’t know how i feel about it either. and it’s funny, cause it’s kind of opposite extrovert/introvert functions on infj/p. i associate myself more with infj, though. can’t always trust the tests!

Yep, this is true. The tests were pretty fun to play around with back when we first got introduced to the whole deal, though! I myself do the same - which is pretty obvious. Why on Pluto else would I be running this blog?